Savage World is an Alabama based record label, focused on main streaming new artists and hot music.We've signed some of the most talented artists available and have helped to develop each of their individual styles and skills. The way we do business is by providing good business.

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Dose is the epitome of how a entertainer captures his audience with his whimsical hooks that causes you to feel elated, taking you on a journey thru his hood. This Montgomery native reps his city with a badge of honor and pride, his songs will enter into every household throughout our country and everyone will realize that you have to have a dose of everything you do.

A label's dream artist!

One of the most innovative and metaphorically gifted rappers to hail from Alabama. Growing up in Montgomery, Sid realized his potential at a early age, he began to master and mold his craft. His work ethic and graphic illustrations of how life is portrayed thru his eyes allows you to venture thru the life of Sid.


123 Get Fit Road,
Fitnessville, California 94105

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